Rules & Regulations


These rules and regulations may be changed at any time by the board of directors. Any such changes shall take precedence over this printed copy.

The Club’s rules are designed to prescribe a guide for conduct, action and usage in the best interests of the majority of the members.  The Club Manager / General Manager, the Director of Golf and the Grounds Superintendent, and their designees, have the authority to regulate the activities, as circumstances require.  All members are responsible to ensure that these rules and regulations are adhered to by their family and guests while on the premises of the Ogden Golf and Country Club.

1.  The Club will not be responsible for accidents, injury, or death of members or their guests while they are on the premises of the Club and will not be responsible for loss of personal property of members or their guests by fire, theft, or any other causes.
2.  All members, spouses, dependants and guests are expected to exhibit professional and courteous behavior at all times while on the Club premises.  Members and spouses in violation will be reported to the Club Manager / General Manager and/or the Director of Golf as appropriate, and may be referred to the Board of Directors. Any dependant or guest in violation of this rule may be required by management to leave the premises and will be reported to the Club Manager / General Manager.  Club security may remove any person that they deem is a danger to themselves or others.
3.  No pets, other than service animals will not be allowed in the Clubhouse or on the premises of the Ogden Golf and Country Club.
4.  Any member and or member guest are responsible for destruction, defacement, or injury to the Clubhouse, outbuildings, amenities, equipment, machinery, golf carts or any furnishings, neighboring properties and vehicles shall pay the cost of repair, replacement or cleanup.  Members are responsible for their guest’s actions.  Members shall hold harmless the Ogden Golf and Country Club from any claims arising from the above listed incidents.
5.  No employee shall be sent from the Club on private business for any member.
6.  No member or guest is permitted to reprimand any employee of the Club.  All employee problems must be reported to the Club Manager / General Manager or Director of Golf.
7.  Members will be responsible for their guests and for any indebtedness to the Club incurred by said guests.  Guests must be accompanied by the member.
8.  No article of any kind shall be offered for sale, subscription solicited, contribution invited or advertisement displayed, except by permission of the Club Manager.
9.  The following dress code will apply to all members, their family and their guests.
a.  Members, and their family and guests, are expected to dress in good taste while using the Club.
b.  Frayed or torn clothing, halter-tops or strapless tops will not be allowed in the Clubhouse.
c.  In the Dining Room, after 5:00p.m., short and denim will be allowed.  Patrons must be dressed in traditional golf attire or better.  In The Lounge and Member card room, denim and golf shorts are allowed.
d. On the tennis courts, players will be required to wear tennis shoes and appropriate tennis attire.  No denim or cut-offs are allowed and shirts will be worn at all times.
e. Golfers will also adhere to the following additional “golfer’s attire” requirements:
I.     All players shall be attired in neat, clean, presentable and appropriate clothing and wear appropriate spikeless golfing footwear.
II.    Male players will wear collared or appropriate golfing shirts, crewnecks or turtlenecks under sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets and other outer wear.
III.   Female players may wear collarless tops, shirts or blouses but may not wear halter-tops or midriffs.
IV.   Players will not be allowed to wear denim, jogging shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts or swim wear.
V.    Golfing shorts will be of appropriate length and appearance.  The Director of Golf shall interpret this rule when a question of suitability is raised.
10.  All Non-Equity Members must keep their accounts current within thirty (30) days.
11.  A standard procedure shall be followed on all ninety (90) day delinquent accounts.  Interest of eighteen percent (18%) per annum shall be charged on all accounts over thirty (30) days delinquent.
12.  No tubing or sledding is allowed on the golf course. Cross Country skiing, winter hiking and snow shoeing allowed on designated trails. When the golf course is closed, it is closed to all recreational activities.
1.    The Clubhouse is for the use of eligible Club members, their families and guests.  Members and families are defined as the member, spouse and dependent children living in the household age 25 or younger.  The member, spouse or dependent child must accompany guests.  In the Clubhouse, grandchildren are considered guests and therefore must be accompanied by the member or spouse.
2.    The Clubhouse hours of operation will vary by season.  Specific hours of operation by month are posted in the Club calendar of Events published in the newsletter. Weather conditions and Club activity will determine exact hours of operation.
3.    Reservations are suggested. Members with reservations for dining services have priority over those without.
4.    All areas of the Clubhouse are non-smoking.
5.    Members may make payment with a major credit card or sign a charge slip. Cash is not accepted in the Restaurant and Lounge.   Only members, their spouse, and dependent children are permitted to sign charge slips.
6.    Persons under the age of 21 years in The Lounge must be accompanied by the adult Member at all times.
7.    All alcoholic beverages on the Club premises must be from a Utah State Liquor Store in its original container.  All members must comply with the liquor laws of the State of Utah and Weber County ordinances.  No alcoholic beverages will be brought onto the premises.
8.    A 17% service charge (gratuity) shall be added to all food and beverage tickets with an additional 3% (total 20%) on banquet functions.  Anyone not wishing to leave a tip due to poor service or other reasons may have it reversed by the Club Manager / General Manager.
9.    Food minimums are required for Equity, Lifetime, Junior, Social and Spouse Memberships.  Purchase of alcoholic beverages does not apply to required food minimums.  Equity Member’s food minimums will be computed quarterly; all other membership minimums will be computed semi-annually.  Minimum requirements will be recommended annually by the Club Manager / General Manager and approved by the Board of Directors.
10.    All banquet arrangements must be made through the Catering Office.  In so far as practicable, commitments will not be made for use of the Clubhouse and Golf Course before January 15th each year to allow the Golf Associations time to finalize tournament schedules and record the dates with the office.  Club management reserves the right to deny requests from outside groups.
11.    The Club may be closed for association tournaments and for other invitational tournaments or activities at the discretion of the Club Manager / General Manager and Board of Directors.
12.    Access to and use of the Locker rooms, adjacent showers, and steam room is restricted to eligible members and their guests who are 21 years of age and older.  Member’s children between the ages of 16 and 21 may use the facilities when accompanied by a parent.  Member’s children 16 and over may use the exercise facilities without parental accompaniment.
13.    The Card rooms are restricted to members and spouses unless Clubhouse activity dictates otherwise.  In the card rooms, guests and dependants are allowed only when accompanied by the member or spouse.  Card playing is restricted to the Card rooms, Locker rooms, Director’s room, Ballroom and East room.
14.    Showers are required before use of the steam room.
15.    Bath towels are not to be removed from the locker and shower rooms.
16.    Members are not allowed to store clubs in the Clubhouse lockers.
17.    All members and guests are required to use the marked parking stalls in the parking lot when parking their vehicles.
18.    Service roads to the Clubhouse entrance and the Pro Shop must be kept open at all times.
19.    Members and guests are required to obey the “No Parking” and other instructional and directional signs and markings leading to the parking lot.
20.    Parking in the seven (7) spaces provided by the Clubhouse are reserved for vehicles with license plates or temporary tags bearing a handicap designation. Vehicles parked in other than designated parking spaces are subject to tow at owner’s expense.
21.    Guests of members or spouses using the Clubhouse facilities for cards or billiards shall be charged a five dollar ($5.00) guest fee unless this minimum amount is used toward purchase of food and/or beverage. The member is responsible for the charges or fee.

1.    The Director of Golf and/or the Grounds Superintendent have full authority to enforce the rules and regulations covering play.  All players are expected to adhere to the U.S.G.A. Rules of Golf with attention to Section 1 on Etiquette.
2.    The golf course is for the use of Equity Club Members, Lifetime Members, spouse, their families, and guests.  Members and families are defined as the member, spouse and dependent children living in the household age 25 or younger, at times established by and at the discretion of the Director of Golf (See #24, chart of course availability). Unmarried grandchildren age 25 or younger may use the golf course accompanied by the Equity Member or spouse and with green fees being complimentary.
3.    All players must register before play and obtain a tee time, including going to the driving range.  No person will tee-off until announced at the Pro Shop or until clearance is obtained.  Players who are late for their tee time will have to obtain a new time from the Pro Shop.  Starting times cannot be scheduled more than one week in advance.
4.    All play will be regulated by the Director of Golf or his assistants.  Fivesomes will only be allowed at the discretion of the Director of Golf.
5.    Practice on the golf course is not allowed if it is detrimental to the speed of play or condition of the course.  Practice is encouraged for the driving range area and the practice putting green area.  Only irons and Pro Shop range golf balls will be allowed on the short game driving range.
6.   Equity Members, Lifetime Members, Junior Members, and their spouses are permitted to bring guests for golf.  Social members are limited to 3 guests per year.
7.    All golf scores must be recorded with the GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network) as provided in the Pro Shop.
8.    The Pro Shop and golf course hours of operation will be posted in the Pro Shop and published monthly in the newsletter.  The Director of Golf and/or the Grounds Superintendent or their designees may open or close the course as weather conditions dictate.
9.    Glassware, cans, bottles, paper cups, wrappers, and other refuse shall be deposited in trash receptacles.  All cigarettes should be extinguished and placed in an appropriate container.
10.    All member’s golf bags will have OGCC identification tags obtained from the Pro Shop.  All Equity Members shall pay for a locker subject to availability, pay for club service, and purchase a GHIN card.
11.    The golf course is reserved for Association Members for the opening and closing tournaments, reserved for participating members and their guests during the invitational tournaments.
12.    A member may bring only three guests at one time and must accompany guests at all times.  The same guest may not play more than six (6) times per year.  All play by guest(s) will be regulated by the Director of Golf or his staff.  Golf carts are required.  Invitational Tournament guests do not count as guest time played.
13.    Guest fees and cart fees will be established annually and approved by the Board of Directors.  All guests will be charged green fees and cart fees unless waived at the discretion of Club Management.  Reciprocal Club guests will pay standard guest fees.
14.    All green fees and guest cart fees will be charged to the member account or charged to an accepted major credit card. Cash will be accepted for Pro Shop merchandise only.  Reciprocal Club guest fees and cart fees will be billed directly to their Club account or charged to an accepted major credit card.
15.    Partners of unmarried Equity Members, Lifetime and Junior Members are not considered guests and shall be granted golfing privileges only when accompanied by the member.
16.    Equity Members may purchase the current established family rate for their non-dependent daughters, daughters-in-law, sons, sons-in-law, father, mother, father-in-law and mother-in-law. The rate includes the use of a cart which is mandatory. The non-dependant person must golf with the member and/or spouse.
17.    The Board of Directors shall authorize and set conditions regarding use of the Club by outside organizations.  The Club will not give credit back to any organization for green fees for Club members playing in their tournaments.  All requests should be made in writing to the Board of Directors by December 15 for the following year.
18.    The Mens Association, Ladies Association, and Ladies of the Evening Association, in conjunction with the Director of Golf, will establish a schedule of golf events each year. The schedule will be posted or published and is subject to approval from the Board of Directors.
19.    Dependant children living at home between the ages of 17 and 25 may be allowed to play in Club events, with the exception of the Championship Flight of the Club Championships if they either: a) join the Association(s) by paying the required fee, or b) pay the standard Non-Association fee for each event.  Additional limitations may be made for sign up and registration by the Mens and Ladies Associations, or sponsors at their discretion, such as limiting sign up for dependant children to availability slots 48 hours prior to the tournament, or set specific fee for Breakfast Tournaments for children and guests.  For example, the intent is not to have dependants be able to take the place of an Equity Member.
20.    Equity Members, Lifetime Members, Spouse Members, Non-Resident Members, Junior Members, cannot be partners in any member-guest invitationals.  Social Members may be invited as guests.
21.    Non-Equity Members who have golfing privileges may play in more than one tournament but their handicap will be established and closely monitored by the Handicap Committee.
22.    Employees of the Ogden Golf and Country Club may use the golf facilities on Monday after 1:00 p.m., holidays excluded.  Employee’s family members may only use the facilities with the prior approval of the Club Manager / General Manager or the Director of Golf.  Dress will be in accordance with the Club dress code.  Each employee must be certified to play by either the Director of Golf or Assistant Golf Professional.  Certification will involve basic review of rules of golf, speed of play and dress code.
23.    Golf course availability – See Pro Shop for general guidlines.
Changes may be made at the discretion of the Director of Golf.
24.    Social Members may golf up to four times a year, subject to a reduced green fee and mandatory cart. Tee times must be made through the Pro Shop.
25.    Social Members may invite up to 3 guests a year to play golf.
26.    Eligible Social Members may play in Twilight Tournaments on Fridays and Sundays, subject to a reduced green fees and entry fees.
27.    Golf carts shall be kept off the tees, driven at least thirty (30) feet from the greens, and taken in paths as directed by markers and ropes.  Handcarts and motocaddies will be kept off greens, tees and aprons and out of sandtraps.
28.    No more than two persons shall be allowed to ride at one time on a golf cart.
29.    No one under age 16 may operate an electric golf cart.  Junior golfers, sixteen years of age and older may rent golf carts at the discretion of the Director of Golf or his assistants.
30.    Golf carts shall be driven at a safe speed especially in and around the tunnel and remain on cart paths whenever possible.  The member shall be responsible for destruction, damage, defacement or injury caused by their or any guest operation of a Golf Cart while on the Country Club property.
31.    Golf carts are restricted to the golf course and delivery or retrieval of golf course property.
32.    Privately owned motocaddies are allowed on the premises of the Club with the approval of the Director of Golf, the appropriate fee paid and with the caveat that the members carry their own insurance coverage and sign an indemnification agreement.
33.  Guests of the member shall fill out a registration card prior to play.
1.    The Fitness Center Room will be open Tuesday – Saturday by 5:30 a.m. to Clubhouse closing, and Mondays at 7 a.m. to Clubhouse closing.  No one under 16 years of age is allowed without parental supervision.  No guests are allowed.
2.    The Fitness Center area is an unsupervised area.  Use of equipment, spa, and sauna is at your own risk.  The Club assumes no responsibility for injuries occurring from use of equipment.
3.    We recommend a complete physical before starting any exercise program.
4.    Please be considerate and limit your stairmaster, treadmill, Arc-trainer or lifestyle workouts to thirty (30) minutes when someone is waiting.
5.    Wipe down equipment after use.
6.    The member shall be responsible for destruction, damage, and defacement caused by the use of any exercise equipment above and beyond normal wear and tear.
1.    The Pool is for the use of eligible Club members, their families, and guests.  Members and families are defined as the member, spouse, dependent children living in the household age 25 or younger, and any unmarried grandchildren age 25 or younger.
2.    All guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a Member.  Pool guest fees will be set annually by the Board of Directors.
3.    Employees of the Club may swim on Monday during Pool hours, holidays excluded.
4.    A member may reserve the Pool for private parties after regular swimming hours.  This is subject to availability and approval by the Club Manager / General Manager.  The fee for such reservations will be set at the discretion of the Club Manager / General Manager.  Members other than the member giving the party will be considered as guests.
5.    All members and guests must register at the Pool Office before entering the Pool facility.
6.    Children who are not qualified swimmers will not be permitted in or near the Pool area unless accompanied by a parent or a capable sitter who is a qualified swimmer.  Qualifications of swimmers will be determined by the lifeguard.
7.    All non-qualified swimmers are required to wear the designated brand of flotation device at all times they are within the Pool area.
8.    Before entering the Pool, showers must be taken. Showers are located in the Pool locker rooms.
9.    A person with any contagious disease will not be permitted in the Pool.
10.    People in swimming suits are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on the practice putting greens or driving range, on any part of the golf course, or the tennis courts.
11.    Food and beverage is available at the Snack Bar, located adjacent to the Pool.  Non-Club food service is prohibited and coolers are not permitted.
12.    Glassware is not permitted within the deck area.
13.    Running, wrestling, shoving or pushing on the cement deck around the Pool is strictly prohibited.  Non-compliance shall be adequate justification for the lifeguard to require the person or persons involved to leave the Pool.  This rule will be enforced for the safety of all swimmers at the Pool.
14.   Inner tubes, water rings, etc., are permitted, however, they must be clean and are subject to removal at the discretion of the Pool staff.  Water wings or flotation devices are not allowed on or off of the diving board.
15.   Members and guests will be responsible for their own valuables.
16.   The Club and/or management shall not be held liable for accidents, injuries, death or loss of personal property.
17.   Members and guests using the Pool must comply with the rules and regulations set down by the Club.  The Pool Manager or designee is in complete charge of the Pool and has full authority to require compliance with the rules.  Persons not adhering to the rules or those demonstrating inappropriate behavior will be requested to leave and non-compliance reported to Club Management and/or the Board of Directors.
18.   Swimming instruction classes will be organized during the Pool season.  The fees for private or class instruction will be set annually by the General Manager.
19.   Children in traditional diapers are not allowed in the Pool.  Water diapers, etc. as approved by the Pool staff, are acceptable.
20.   The Swimming Pool may be cleared at any time due to unsafe swimming conditions, such as weather, chemical spills, etc.
21.   No tobacco or tobacco products allowed in pool areas.
22.   The Swimming Pool season and Pool hours will be set annually by the General Manager and Board of Directors.
23.  Wristbands–All members and guests must register and present their membership card at the Pool Office.  You will be issued a daily wristband which is required to be worn.  Due to insurance liability, unauthorized use, and to insure our members and guests have access to pool furniture we have initiated this new procedure.
24.  Dress Code–Appropriate swimwear is required that is commensurate with a family pool atmosphere.  Thongs, Speedos and see through swimwear are NOT appropriate.  The Pool Manager and General Manager are allowed to use discretion to determine appropriate family oriented swimming pool swimwear.
25.  Baby/Toddler Water Diapers/Plastic Pants–Weber County Health Department is concerned about the outbreak of “crypto” in Utah pools.  Therefore all babies/toddlers below the age of three (3) are required to wear water diapers/plastic pants per the Weber County Health Department.
In addition, we recommend those children over three (3) that are not potty trained also wear swim diapers/plastic pants.  The changing of the swim diapers must be done in the dressing room.

26.  Appropriate Behavior–The OGCC pool area is for the enjoyment of our members and their guests.  We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy the family oriented atmosphere.  At the discretion of the Pool Manager and General Manager, any member or guest exhibiting improper non-family oriented conduct will be asked to stop such behavior.

1.    Courts are available Spring through Fall between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Court time is on a first come first serve basis or reservations may be made with the Club Office up to one week in advance.
2.    Reservations are limited to one hour if other players are registered and waiting.
3.    Players are required to wear tennis shoes and regulation tennis attire.  No jeans or cut-offs are allowed.  Shirts must be worn at all times.
4.    A member may bring a total of twelve (12) guests per year.  Dependants of members are not allowed this privilege.
6.    Guest fees will be charged at $5.00 per guest per use.
7.    Players are not allowed to bring glassware or food within the court enclosure.
8.    Players are required to comply with all of the rules of decorum and sportsmanship.
9.    All posted rules will be strictly adhered to and violations reported to the General Manager.
All members shall promptly report observed violations of these rules to the Club Manager / General Manager or Director of Golf, as appropriate.  The Board of Directors, at its discretion, may refer reported violations of these rules to the Rules Committee for its investigation and recommendation.  Violation of these rules may result in reprimand, suspension, fine or expulsion.