Odgen Golf and Country Club


The Ute and Shoshone tribes that first inherited this bountiful area cherished it for its plentiful wild game in the mountains and fresh fish in the numerous rivers and streams.

In the 1820s, white trappers discovered an abundance of beaver and set up residence alongside the native tribes. The Ogden area was soon home to a number of colorful historic figures like Jim Bridger, Kit Carson and Jedediah Smith. The area was named after the Canadian-born mountain man Peter Ogden, a legendary character who freely shared information and directions with pioneers and settlers.

Peter Skene Ogden was a fur trader and a Canadian explorer of what is now British Columbia and the American West. During his many expeditions he explored parts of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.  Despite early confrontations with the Hudson Bay Company during his time with the North West Company, he later became a senior official in the operations of the HBC's Columbia Department, serving as first Chief Trader of Fort Simpson and similar posts.